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Vanquish Holiday/Christmas Party

Date: Dec 15, 2018
Time: 06:00 PM
Posted by: Lenore
Category: Meetings
Date: December 15th (Saturday Evening)
Time: (PST 6:00-8:30 PM) (CST 8:00 to 10:30 PM) (EST 9:00 to 11:30 pm)

What to prepare for:
Costume contests 1. Most Beautiful Holiday Fantasy costume 2. Most Traditional costume(Santa, Mrs Santa, reindeer, snowman) 3. Most Elfish costume
There will be Games: Jumping, Lawn Darts, and find the object Games.
There will drawings for prizes and plans are still being made to pack as much fun and loot as possible into this event.
Two major homes are being prepared to hold up to 48 attendees with a third being prepared as back up for overflow.

The costume contest will be held in one location. If more than 20 people enter the contest, the judges will remain stationary and the contestants will rotate out to the other holiday house to await the results!

We will meet up in discord and randomly select where you are going to start the party and about half way through we will rotate houses so that you
can enjoy the festivities in more than one location and join in the games held in different locations!
None of the houses will be available for viewing until the party.
A concerted effort is being made to provide gifts for people who do not do housing/decorating! Down below, please leave us a note if you are not a housing/decorating kind of person. That will help immensely. Also please sign up if you are coming so we can plan accordingly. Thanks!
Looking forward to the festivities with you all very much!

Lots of gifts, prizes, and highjinks planned! Put us on your Calendar for this major once a year Vanquish Event!
If you cannot attend and you win a prize, your's will be forwarded to you or you will receive notification if some choices are involved!
Also check back often to see any updates that may occur before the event!
Tank (10)

3. Cyfrinair Sorcerer

6. Destrolly Nightblade

15. (Duck) Lucan Petilius Dragonknight

26. Telic Oakley Warden

32. Kamali'i Templar

37. Colby Bladeslinger Dragonknight

39. Untou Sorcerer

40. (Ceebear) Imma Merlin Sorcerer

42. Nuke Tankington Dragonknight

M. Throm the First (@Victus75) Dragonknight

Damage (31)

2. Last Tono Sorcerer

4. Cee U Next Tuesday@ToeJamJuice Warden

5. La Femme Nikita Romanov (@IrishPoorBoy) Nightblade

7. Auriana Rail Nightblade

9. S'ilky Sorcerer

10. Lapuaboy's Damascus Warden

11. (@DeSyreni)Alarys Eidolon Warden

12. Rosalie Darcy (@Rosalie) Sorcerer

14. (@tweedle-dum) Too-Many-Cooks Sorcerer

16. Valta Darkthrone (@HemlockMareth) Nightblade

17. Brodhi (@BrodhiXx) Warden

18. Si Laoshi Templar

19. Anwara Warwitch Sorcerer

21. Explosive beeker Sorcerer

23. Brisces Templar

25. Thorn Corvidae Nightblade

27. Syzygy Darklock Sorcerer

29. Dar-Elfar Warden

30. (Infi) Anarii Asharaan Sorcerer

33. Ma'ura Kivadni Nightblade

35. (BMW) Blackmagicwoman Sorcerer

36. Ariandrea Sorcerer

41. Squeetard Nightblade

43. Darqnes Fals (@mia-gindavis1) Sorcerer

44. (@tweedle-dee) Ripley Nightblade

45. Sovvie Sorcerer

46. Fairy Pipe Warden

M. Nanilia Templar

M. (@yooqi) Celene Lefeu Dragonknight

M. Channi Dey (@ArtificialSon) Sorcerer

M. Spawtz Nightblade

Support (11)

1. (@Lenore) Zaranal Dragonknight

8. Oakos Templar

13. Savina Templar

20. (@Tuatha'an) Josien Templar

22. Tavi of the Iksar Templar

24. Thady Quill Templar

28. Brit (@rosemackie) Sorcerer

31. shut-up Meg (@megnin) Dragonknight

34. Teplyn Templar

38. The Real Santa Claus Sorcerer

M. Merlin Pendragon Sorcerer



In the drawings at least five people will walk away with 100,000 in game gold. There's a transmute station in the drawings, a mount, lots of beautiful and unique high end furnishings and more! Donations have not been solicited but they are coming in nonetheless and very generously! Thank you all for the outpouring of love in goods and gold to make this Holiday Party a phenomenal event! Vanquish is the best guild EVER!!!!!!!!
This will be my first Vanquish party, I can't wait!
Really looking forward to it too! I might need some help getting my attire right...I don't want to be under dressed😀
I signed up as a tank, but what I really meant was "tanked".
Not sure who I'll bring, but I did deck my Bosmer in holiday colors :)
If by some christmas miracle I'm able to escape my work holiday party early, I'll try to attend.
I have plans tonight, but I'm hoping to make it back in time to join some of the fun!
Not sure I'll make it folks. I'm sick as a dog. Was really looking forward to it too. :(
Last Tono
Just log in and listen. It'll raise your spirits. I'm old (62) and sick with pneumonia right now but no way I would miss this event.
I did. I even showed up for a bit, then left and listened on Discord. 😀
Paw pie
Can't look at the screen too long, sinuses are trying to push my eyeballs out of my head.
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